Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage – Covina

Commercial water damage struck this large retail store when a water supply line to the restroom burst. The before photo shows just how much water made its way t... READ MORE

Covina Storm Harms Laminated Flooring

When storm water intrudes into a house in Covina, many factors dictate what can be salvaged. Initially, an attempt was made to save a large portion of the engin... READ MORE

Smoke Damage to a Garage in Azusa

Oil rags and debris piled by this wall ignited from the hot lawn mower and created a smokey mess. SERVPRO has the knowledgeable technicians with the correct too... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Covina Attic

Ruptured water lines often create a sufficient amount of flowing water to damage attic insulation, rafters, stored belongs, and the ceiling drywall panels. The ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Covina House

Mold damage at this Covina house developed due to a leak from the outside. The home was unoccupied and for sale so the mold had sufficient time to develop befor... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Covina

Commercial water damage at this Covina conference center was caused by a main water line break during the night. The before photo shows just how much standing w... READ MORE

Storm Problems to a Home in Covina

The high winds dropped a tree limb on the roof of this house in West Covina. The impact opened up a large hole in the ceiling, and blown insulation drifted down... READ MORE

Azusa Mold & Water Work

The failed roof resulted in water penetration into the exterior of this home in Azusa. The water rotted the wood; mold began to grow, and it was an unsightly an... READ MORE

A Wildfire Destroyed an Entire Wing of this House in Azusa

A Flash fire in the adjoining empty lot created havoc to this older home that, fortunately, the owner was planning to renovate before putting it on the market. ... READ MORE

Azusa Game Room Rescued from Water Damage

After an in-wall water line had ruptured leaving a water-logged wall, and fortunately little water damage to the carpeting, because of the fast reaction of the ... READ MORE