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Avoiding Damage from Storm Flooding in Your Azusa Home

8/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Avoiding Damage from Storm Flooding in Your Azusa Home Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at SERVPRO if your home does become a victim of flooding.

Learn How to Avoid Storm Damage to Your Property

Flooding from storms can occur at anytime and anywhere. They are the most common and expensive natural disaster in the United States, with no state being completely safe. If you ignore the risk, you could find yourself sloshing around soaked and smelly carpeting, appliances, furniture, walls, plus ruined keepsakes and electronics. Mold follows soon after.

SERVPRO can help you with flood damage in your Azusa home, including tearing out anything that is not salvageable like flooring, insulation, and walls, and replacing it with new materials. The best way, of course, is to avoid this altogether and stay above water. There are some things you can do to offer your home a bit of protection if storm flooding occurs in your area.

Safeguarding Electrical and Climate Systems

You can raise sockets, switches, wiring, and circuit breakers to at least a foot above the flood level in your area. Also, modifying your water heater, furnace, or any other anchored indoor equipment, so it is above the flood level of your property helps during a flood.

Raising or Anchoring Outdoor Equipment

Air-conditioning units, fuel tanks, and generators need to be raised over your flood level and anchored. Fuel tanks which are not anchored can break free, and supply lines which are severed contaminate the ground surrounding the area. Generators and electrical power units should also never sit on the ground.

Modifying Water Valves

A sewer system which is flooded can put sewage in your home. Install an exterior or interior backflow valve, so you do not have this happen to you. These valves should be fitted to each pipe that enters your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at SERVPRO if your home does become a victim of flooding. The sooner you reach out to us the better, as we can prevent additional damage, such as mold growth.

Determining the Flow of Water Around Your Home

The angle of the ground, or grading, can direct water away or to your home. It is, of course, best if water drains away from your structure. You can easily determine which way the water flows by watching it or checking how it accumulates during a typical rainstorm.

Last Minute Measures

As water is rising, you can, of course, do things such as clearing your drains, gutters, and downspouts. Take rugs, furniture, electronics, plus other belongings to upper floors or raise them off the ground. Shut your electricity off at the breaker and elevate major appliances on concrete blocks.

SERVPRO has truck-mounted pumps and industrial fans and dehumidifiers to assist you in drying out your home after flooding. We work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to life as usual.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Azusa/Covina as soon as you can after flooding has occurred. You can reach us anytime you need just by dialing (626) 387-4111.

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Printing Contractor Suffers Water Damage in Irwindale

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Printing Contractor Suffers Water Damage in Irwindale Your print shop needs quick action to recover from water damage. Contact SERVPRO for a plan of action to get you back to printing.

SERVPRO Technicians Focus on the Precise Tasks Ahead of Them to Get Your Business Quickly Back to Operational Again

All businesses have connections within their communities. Some commercial enterprises perform tasks that affect other companies and residents more profoundly when a disaster affects their physical plant. SERVPRO helps companies large and small when water flows uncontrolled, committed to the well-being of every member, residential or commercial, of our neighborhoods.
Even in this age of virtual connection, people and businesses truly rely on local papers and publications to share information. When a burst pipe stops the presses, professional commercial water removal is essential to clear your Irwindale printing shop fast. News waits for no one, and our efforts do all that is necessary to get the printing back online.
Modern printing operations rely upon electronics as well as vast stores of paper and ink. When the SERVPRO team arrives, safety is first. The various pieces of electrical equipment must not threaten the lives of our workers or the employees of your business. We make certain the power is off, and then use our truck mounted submersible pumps and water extractors to remove the water. The inks and products used to keep the presses in working order may mix with the flood waters. Knowing this, we take care to consult with local authorities to dispose of the water properly.
The computerized work areas need assessment by electronic water damage specialists. We work with you and your insurer to communicate with these professionalists as we move from water removal to drying out the area. Industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers assist in the reduction of the remaining moisture. Only after we receive the okay do we reengage the electricity and wait while you put your equipment through its paces.
A real challenge during this job is dealing with the massive quantities of newsprint within the building. Any paper out of the reach of the flooding depends upon our ability to reduce ambient humidity in the work area to remain usable. The soaked paper is probably unsalvageable but needs removal and appropriate disposal to avoid secondary water damage. Mold growth is a distinct possibility with wet rolls of paper.
Be sure that all the news fit to print is soon in the hands of our local community after SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina removes the water flooding your premises. Call (626) 387-4111 day or night for a prompt and professional response.

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Toaster Fire Damage in Your Azusa Home

7/5/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Toaster Fire Damage in Your Azusa Home Unfortunately, toaster fires happen quickly and more often than you think. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and for tips to prevent home fires.

Checking to Make Sure That Your Appliances are Damage Free is Key to Fire Prevention

Many people start their day with their morning toast. The standard two or four slice toaster remains a staple in kitchens, but the safety of it has been under question. Toasters cause many fires each year and untold amounts of property damage. The danger appears in many forms, and it makes you think twice about using a toaster in your own home.
There are things to consider so you can avoid fire and fire damage from using a toaster in your Azusa home. First, do not neglect the power cord, as it performs an important function. Not only does it transfer power to the appliance from the wall socket so it can work properly, but it contains the wires which hold this power safely. When the cord gets melted, the protection is compromised, and a lot can happen, including a fire. Crimped, melted, or damaged cords should alert you that the appliance is unsafe to use. Damaged cords may cause fires even when the appliance is not in use, so you should no longer use it.
If your toaster cord has caused a fire, SERVPRO, professional remediation specialists, can be to your home quickly to assist you in repairing and cleaning your home. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained and can have your home back to its preloss condition.
Even the best housekeeper does not empty their toaster every day. Crumbs that are sitting down in the elements are a potential fire hazard. These dry bread crumbs are thought to be fuel for a fire. Combine them with how close the hot element is, they can smoke or even flame. Your toaster must be kept free of debris and crumbs, so it continues to work at its best and safest.
Some toaster fires are caused by people, the toast being buttered before it is placed in the toaster. When this is done, the butter drips onto the hot element. The greasy juice creates a flare up, which is why you should always toast and then put the butter on the hot toast.
Accidents can quickly happen even when you are careful with your toaster, so contact us at SERVPRO if your toaster starts a fire in your home. We understand that the quicker the damage, soot and smoke get cleaned up, the less damage your home sustains.
SERVPRO of Azusa/Covina is standing by always to assist you when you have had a fire at your home. We are easily reached by dialing (626) 387-4111, so do not hesitate to call us when you are in need.

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How To Handle A Leaky Fish Tank in Your Irwindale Home

6/16/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Handle A Leaky Fish Tank in Your Irwindale Home If you realize that your fish tank is leaking, it is important to act right away to avoid severe water damage in your Irwindale home.

A Leaky Fish Tank Can Lead To Significant Water Damage

A fish tank that bursts or breaks for any reason can cause a considerable amount of water damage in your home. It can include having to replace carpeting, dry out subflooring, replacing hardwood flooring, replacing areas of drywall, and repairing or replacing any possessions that were nearby. Plus, there is the issue of the replacement costs of the aquarium itself and the filters, heaters, any live plants or coral, and livestock.

If you realize that your fish tank is leaking, it is important to act right away to avoid severe water damage in your Irwindale home. A leaky aquarium can be a massive issue. Many leaks spill only a bit of water at a time, but if the problem is not repaired, the whole aquarium can result in breaking and spilling all the water all over your home.

When an emergency like this arises, SERVPRO is the one to call to clean up the water, dry your home out, and repair damage that was done to your home. We are certified and specially trained water damage remediation specialists, and we can be to your home quickly after we receive your call.

If you think your tank is leaking, first look around it for moisture if the leak is not evident. Look for metal corners which seem separated from the glass and any sealant that extends in the corners. Feel the edges. If they are wet, move up from that area until the surface feels dry, then mark the area of the leakage or where you think it is, with a felt pen.

Proceed to drain the water low enough, so you have space to clean and dry the area around the leak. If it is very low in the tank, you need to remove aquatic plants and fish to another container while you are doing the repairs. Scrape off the old sealant and do not let any old sealant drop into the tank.

Wipe the area with acetone and a clean cloth to get rid of any residues. Let it completely dry and then apply fresh, nontoxic silicone sealant. It needs to dry a minimum of twelve hours, preferably twenty-four. Fill the tank and examine for leaks. When ready, you can put your fish and plants back in the tank.

Our SERVPRO technicians have special equipment to help dry out your home quickly in the event of a disaster with your fish tank. These include gas-powered and submersible pumps for continuous pumping of higher levels of water. SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina knows that when your fish tank breaks or has a significant leak, it is stressful for you for many reasons. We want to take the pressure off you where we can, so call us right away when you need at (626) 387-4111.

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Locating A Fire Damage Restoration Company In Irwindale

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Locating A Fire Damage Restoration Company In Irwindale Fire Damaged Homes in Irwindale Rely on SERVPRO after the Firefighters Leave

Consider a Proven Track Record Company Like SERVPRO for Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

A home is a major investment for you and your family. It offers safety, security, and fond memories that you hopefully never forget. Along the way, accidents happen as well. How you respond and whom you call during an emergency plays a rather significant role in how well you recover.
Finding a qualified fire damage restoration company in Irwindale can produce fantastic results. However, unless you know what to look for, you may choose the wrong one, which makes it vital for you to remain cautious when selecting a company to perform your restoration services.
It never hurts to call around, get advice, and build a relationship with the business you want to use; before you need their help. If you have a hard time finding a starting point, ask your insurance company to refer you. They can provide you with local contact information for restoration companies, like SERVPRO, located in your area.
You want access to the business that can do the most for you, with IICRC certified professionals, years of experience, and knowledge in dealing with a wide variety of tasks. SERVPRO technicians, for example, offer to manage your entire restoration, performing all tasks associated with fire and water damage in your home, along with any cleaning or repairs necessary to complete the job correctly.
SERVPRO also keeps you informed throughout the process, helps manage insurance claim paperwork, and has an excellent reputation of exceeding customer expectations while performing services in their home. Not to mention they also give homeowners the advice they need to help avoid future situations and work tirelessly to protect other members of their surrounding community.
There are very few companies in existence that provide a full-service solution to environmental or emergency situations that may occur on your property. Some only offer limited solutions, while others deliver shoddy work. Make sure that anyone working on your property has the proper qualifications, certifications, and experience to provide you with the services you deserve.
Companies, like SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina, offer homeowners valued solutions to both existing and potential problems found in your home. Learn more about what our technicians can do for you, today. (626) 387-4111

Mold Challenges in Covina When Watering is Overdone

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Challenges in Covina When Watering is Overdone Poor water drainage can cause a mold infestation in your foundation. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO BOTH Remediates Mold Damage and Suggests Many Preventative Tips to the Homeowner

Passionate gardeners want their homes to look like oases, the vegetation lush and green surrounding the base of the building. During drought and in dry climates frequent watering is essential. Excessive moisture moving into the structure is a food source for spores waiting inside the foundation. SERVPRO finds and remediates mold growth due to overwatering.
Irrigation systems or homemade alternatives like drip hoses keep the soil moist for healthy plants but contribute to mold damage to your Covina home. Whether your foundation is a slab or a basement, damp conditions hide mold colonies. You see dark stains spreading down into your utility area or musty odors wafting from the floorboards near the edge of your foundation. That sharp, unpleasant odor is a clear sign you need help in determining the location of fungal growth and then abating it. Professional mold remediation is necessary to handle the outbreak successfully and safely.
Our mold remediation teams took advanced certification courses in EPA approved mold removal and control. Your SERVPRO project manager lays out the general plan, all of the steps essential to managing mold safely and with lasting benefits. Locating the outbreak is the first step, and our crew members are tireless mold detectives. Leaving even small areas of mold untouched is a recipe for disaster as the areas grow.
We contain the identified mold infestations, limiting the chance fragments get loose and spread the problem. Barriers keep the mold in place, and air scrubbers also help, preventing spores from moving with negative pressure and heavy duty filters. The SERVPRO remediation team then removes the evident mold, and any porous structure it invaded. Sanitization procedures follow using proven disinfectants.
Mold prevention at the foundation level benefits from the installation of vapor barriers and a solid plan to divert the irrigation water away from the structure of your home. Increasing the grade of soil right next to the house, draining water into the yard, is a standard recommendation. SERVPRO also looks at the slope and condition of gutters and downspouts, making certain they also direct water in the proper direction.
SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina offers effective mold remediation services. Contact our dispatchers at (626) 387-4111 to explore your options.

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Biohazard Cleanup Services Save Your Covina Area Home From Exposure Left By Unfortunate Events

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Biohazard Cleanup Services Save Your Covina Area Home From Exposure Left By Unfortunate Events For Safe Removal of Bio-hazardous Waste in Covina Trust SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides Covina Properties with Professional Cleanup of Biohazardous Wastes

While other areas of your property may be affected by a traumatic event, these kinds of incidents also cause exposure to biohazards that could have drastic effects on your health and the overall indoor living environment of your home.
Entering your Covina area home before acquiring the right biohazard cleanup services may expose you and your family to unnecessary health risks. Get help from expertly trained professionals to prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals or avoid the spread of contaminants left behind by pathogenic and microbiological wastes.  
In most cases, having local authorities allow you back onto your property, just means that they provide access for you to affect repairs. It does not necessarily mean that it is safe for you to inhabit the space again. Your children, household pets, or older members of your family should never return to your property until restoration and cleaning professionals have an opportunity to verify that your home environment is safe.  
At SERVPRO, we have workers wear rubber boots and gloves, chemical resistant suits, safety goggles and respirators when entering your home after a traumatic incident occurs on your property and so should you. The safety of everyone involved comes first, protecting yourselves is paramount to your families survival and recovery after disasters of this type occur.
SERVPRO technicians have experience involving sharps waste such as needles, glass vials, scalpels, and IV tubing, which is usually prevalent when someone converts your property into a meth lab while you and your family are on vacation or away for extended periods. These circumstances often result in exposure to various biological hazards or infectious diseases when handled incorrectly.
Biohazard cleanup services also involve handling animal waste, where animal carcasses, body parts, or bedding and feeding areas contain pathogenic organisms. SERVPRO can help, we have years of experience in biohazard cleanup procedures and enjoy providing our customers with the assistance they need during a disaster.  
SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina stands ready to assist you; our services are available 24/7, year round. Make the call today for additional information on how we can help with your current situation or schedule your inspection immediately. (626) 387-4111

Maintaining Your Walk-In to Prevent Water Damage in Your Azusa Convenience Store

4/17/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Maintaining Your Walk-In to Prevent Water Damage in Your Azusa Convenience Store SERVPRO Keeps Your Water Damaged Convenience Store in Azusa Open for Business

SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Restore Damages to Inventory and Business at Your Store

When you own a convenience store, your walk-in freezer or cooler is an important investment. You need to keep it properly maintained so that it gives you many years of efficient usage. A broken freezer can lead to pools of water on the floor, creating water damage to your store, your food inventory, and costly repairs. If this does happen, you want to contact a professional water damage remediation company. SERVPRO is always available in cases like this.
Keeping Your Walk-In Operating Efficiently helps prevent water damage to your Azusa convenience store.
When not in use, ensure the door is closed. Do not prop or block the door open for a long time. Keep it closed at all times, other than entering or leaving the walk-in. The evaporator and condensing coil need to be cleaned a minimum of twice per year. The fan blades should also be cleaned to lower the chance of drag.
Make sure fan motors are running at the best speed, and that the coil is free and clear with nothing stacked around it to prevent restricted airflow. Nothing should be piled on top of the walk-in, as this can damage the panels in the ceiling. A technician should check all your electrical connections occasionally to make sure they are tight. Wires which are loose can create high amperage, causing your appliance to use extra energy and possibly cause arcing.
The suction line insulation between the evaporator coil and condensing unit should be checked for decay, and replace when needed. Lubricate door hinges once per year to make sure they are closing properly. The door sweep should also be checked for tears to make sure it is properly sealing. Excess condensation and moisture can build up when the door is not shutting properly. Water leakage can cause employees and customers to slip and fall. Rely on SERVPRO to dry out the affected areas, reduce safety hazards, and protect your dry goods from moisture absorption.
Moisture problems are one of the biggest threat to your store. While most walk-ins do not regularly leak, improper maintenance can cause them to begin leaking. Water damage can quickly take its toll on flooring and other nearby fixtures. It is imperative that the problem is fixed right away, and this is where our IICRC trained technicians at SERVPRO can help you. Besides cleaning up the water and fixing any damage created by the leak, we can help repair the problem which caused the damage in the first place.
Don’t hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Azusa/ Covina when you have a water damage emergency from a failing walk-in, plumbing failure or a flood. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur, including the growth of mold. We are just a phone call away at (626) 387-4111, and we arrive at your business quickly to take care of the problem for you.

Why You Should Never Ignore Mold Damage in Your Covina Home

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why You Should Never Ignore Mold Damage in Your Covina Home The longer that you leave the mold problem, the harder it is to remediate the affected space.

Never Ignore Mold Symptoms in Your Covina Residential House 

When it comes to residential repairs and restorations, mold is one of the most misunderstood problems. Not everybody understands that mold is a naturally persistent substance. It is always present in our homes, in many different shapes and forms.

In almost all circumstances, it poses no risk to the interiors. The only reason why mold becomes a problem is it ‘activates’ in the presence of high humidity. For instance, if you get a leak under the sink, the warm, wet conditions are perfect for the spread of mold damage in your Covina home.

Keep reading to find out why you should never ignore the signs of mold damage and where to turn for reliable, effective repairs.

Mold Damage Is Insidious

The important thing to know about mold is that it has a clear lifespan. If this lifespan is not interrupted in the right way, the problem may appear to vanish and then re-emerge later. It is the reason why household cleaners are not good enough.

The wrong kind of contact (scrubbing) just dislodges spores and send them into the air, where they spread around the house. On the other hand, an expert remediation service like SERVPRO neutralizes the spores by taking away the conditions for growth (moisture).

Mold Damage Can Be Costly

The longer that you leave the problem, the harder it is to remediate the affected space. Mold eats away at organic materials, so wood is particularly vulnerable. Fabrics are also at risk, but it is unusual not to spot the signs of mold before they make it onto carpets and curtains.

In contrast, wood and plasterboard are often quietly damaged, especially when a leak occurs inside the walls or in a hard to reach area (like the crawlspace or attic). Sometimes, the first indication of a problem is a musty, unpleasant odor. If you suspect you have mold damage, the SERVPRO team can use a variety of detection tools to find out for sure.

Mold Damage Repairs Are Effective

Mold remediation is a complex process because, as already established, spores are present in the home all the time. It means that repairs focus on ‘deactivating’ the mold so that it cannot spread any further.

The technicians may need to set up containment areas. Polyethylene sheets are attached to the walls and ceiling in order to prevent spores from being carried to unaffected spaces. At SERVPRO, we take repairs very seriously, and the protection of your home is a top priority.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

To find out more about the mold remediation process, you can talk to our experts. SERVPRO of Azusa/Covina has been serving homeowners in the Covina area for many years. We have a superb local reputation, and we are ideally placed to help you bring your property back to life. Call us 24/7 at (626) 387-4111.

What To Do If Your Azusa Business Suffers Water Damage

3/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage What To Do If Your Azusa Business Suffers Water Damage Don't let leaking water keep you out of your property. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Your Water Damage Quickly and Efficiently

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your business premises in good condition. The recent storms and flooding in California have really brought to mind just how much damage water can do to a building. Even if your business is lucky enough to escape the effect of storms, there are still plenty of ways water can get into your company premises and cause problems.
Your Azusa business can suffer water damage due to a burst pipe, problems with air conditioning systems, a plumbing breakdown or even a faulty dishwasher should you happen to have one on site. If water is left standing in your business headquarters, it can damage the building and furnishings. This is bad news for business owners. You will need to shoulder the cost of replacing or repairing your premises and equipment, and your business could be out of action for a while until the problem is solved.
Should water damage become an issue for your company, it is vital that you take steps to deal with it as quickly as you can. Fast action helps to minimize damage and ultimately keeps the cost of cleanup manageable.
The first thing you should do before re-entering your office or warehouse is to shut off the electricity. This keeps anyone entering the building safe from the risk of electric shocks. The next step is to call in the SERVPRO experts. Our IICRC certified technicians can quickly assess the state of the premises. They can also find pockets of damp or damage that you might not have noticed.
Once our technicians know the extent of the problem, they can set to work drying out your business location as quickly as possible. Our SERVPRO teams come equipped with everything needed to tackle the situation, including water extraction equipment, dehumidifiers, fans and powerful air movers to remove water and encourage fast drying of every affected area. Each one of our staff members is highly trained to identify the best way to deal with water damage in your business, with the minimum disruption to you.
If your business is facing water damage, trust SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina to come to your aid. We are here to help you 24 / 7. Just call (626) 387-4111 for assistance.