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Covina Residents Rely On The Pros From SERVPRO For Water Damage Restoration

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Don't let water take over your home. Let the professionals at SERVPRO help restore your water damaged home back to its original state.

The Trained SERVPRO Techs Can Handle Any Size Water Damage in Covina Properties

Covina is about 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and this small town gets eclipsed by the much larger city. However, this city has a lot to offer both visitors and residents. When first founded, the city's motto was "One Mile Square and All There," and folklore says it got coined when the town's incorporated area was merely one square mile, and the city held a contest in 1922 to come up with a new tagline. In the present, an estimated 46,837 residents. 

The area was home to the indigenous Tongva people for an estimated 5,000 to 8,000 years. This Uto-Aztecan-speaking tribe got documented by the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542 and found two main groups of the tribe living on both the mainland and the island. The Native Americans on the island used sea mammals primarily in their diet, with the mainland tribespeople hunted animals such as deer. 

One well-known Tongva woman was Toypurina. She was a medicine woman who eventually was the center of a revolt against the Spanish in 1785. the rebellion got quashed, and Toypurina put on trial for instigating it. She got sent into exile, and later in life, she converted to Christianity and married a Spanish soldier. 

As it is known today, the city was founded in 1882 by Joseph Swift Phillips and originally spanned 2,000 acres. The name that Covina is known by today got coined by an engineer hired to survey the area named Frederick Eaton. He merged the words "cove" and "vine" due to the number of mountains and vineyards in the area. And those were not the main cash crop grown in the vicinity.

Even though the area got named for the vineyards, the primary foliage blanketing the city was citrus such as: 

  • Orange 
  • Grapefruit 
  • Lemons 

By the early 1900s, this area was the third-largest producer of oranges in the world, which continued through the 1950s. However, in the 1960s, the real estate and building boom began, and the grove owners began selling off their property to the contractors who built single-family homes and apartment buildings. 

Covina has been the sister city of Xalapa, Mexico, since 1964. To connect the two towns, a replica of the sizable Olmec head was carved from a stone and was given to the city as a gift from Veracruz's state. The carving originally got placed in front of the police department but later moved to Jalapa Park, where it remains today. 

There are several great places to visit for both tourists and residents of Covina. One of the biggest draws in the area is The Lakes Mall Offices. The smash-hit show on the CW network, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," and the mall offices are where many of the characters on the show work, including the main character, Rebecca Bunch, who works as an attorney. The mall also holds a large number of shopping opportunities, including 

  • High-end shops 
  • Local brands
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops

Is It Possible To Drain Walls In Covina Homes After Water Damage? 

After water damage happens in a Dallas home, there are multiple strategies for locating the migration path. SERVPRO technicians use their trained eyes for visual inspections of properties and an array of advanced moisture detection equipment. These devices enable the techs to "look" behind walls and under flooring to determine if wicking or seepage occurred, so building materials do not get removed that do not need it.

When there is a leak due to storms or a pipe break within a wall, the water must get removed, or the potential for more significant damages is a possible outcome. The techs use various techniques to remove the water from the structure during the extraction phase of the restoration services, including: 

  • The drilling of weep holes that allow water to drain with minimal invasion
  • Cutting away ruined sheetrock above the water line to open up the wall cavity for drying
  • Opening of a small area and forcing an air mover into the gap to concentrate the drying power (also into weep holes)

After extraction and drying of the walls, the technicians prepare the area for the needed repairs. This SERVPRO location has a contractor license #CSLB: 976913. The technicians can perform any necessary reconstruction actions, from filling weep holes and sanding them down for repainting to the installation of whole new sheetrock on the walls as needed, including sanding and painting. 

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covin at (626) 387-4111 brings the equipment and experience to every water damage cleanup job. The trained technicians have the skills to handle any size or type of restoration services needed. 

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