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SERVPRO of Azusa Offers Flood Damage Mitigation Solutions

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

Storm warning sign with dark clouds in background Intense storms can cause floodwaters to enter your home. SERVPRO is on call 24/7 to handle any water damage your home incurs.

Clogged Storm Sewers Can Flood Azusa Homes

Storm sewer systems and catch basins provide the necessary removal of runoff water that affects Azusa neighborhoods. As effective as these systems continue to divert damaging water away from structures and homes, they are not impervious to failures or malfunctions. Debris, garbage, and leaves can all play a role in clogging the grates that allow the water to get into the diversion system and safely away from structures. During torrential rainfall and in the hours after that storm, a clogged catch basin can allow high volumes of water to rush beyond these fail-safes and towards homes in the area.

As intricate as these systems can be to prevent water damage to your Azusa home, they can quickly reach the point of malfunction under the right conditions. While personnel are responsible for keeping these grates clear of this debris, severe storm systems can provide enough blockage in a single incident to flood homes. Our water damage restoration professionals can respond quickly in emergencies like this to provide effective mitigation solutions to protect what matters most and limit your damage.

Water Clean Up

Our professionals can respond quickly amid an emergency to help protect your home from invading water. With an incident like this, contamination and debris are significant factors that our technicians must prevent as much as possible. We can help reduce the spread of this damage to new areas of your home through our fast extraction techniques like truck-mounted pumps and gas-powered pumps. Limiting the spread can help to prevent unnecessary tear-out and reconstruction later.

Drying out the damage is critical to allow our team to assess the structural concerns that exist. With Category 3 damage like this, we must remove exposed materials to prevent contamination and bacteria, which promote mold growth and hazardous conditions.

With fast response to emergencies like flooding in your home, our SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina water restoration technicians can restore your residence quickly. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (626) 387-4111.

How to Remove the Stress from Fire Damage Restoration in Covina

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Fires are devastating and destructive force. You can trust SERVPRO to restore your home to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO Takes Care of the Restoration Process from Start to Finish

Your spouse is trying to talk to you from the other room while you prepare an evening meal and distracts you for just a second. When you turn back to concentrate on what you are doing, it is already too late. Somehow the oil in your pan causes the stove hood that you meant to clean to catch fire. The fire quickly gets out of control, moving to your kitchen drapes, and begins to produce smoke, ash, and heat that scares you beyond measure. Get your loved ones out and get help immediately.

After The Fire is Out

After the firefighters finish their job, you are left looking at a mess that used to be your kitchen and the emotional scars of a tragic event; things can happen fast. Our professional fire damage restoration staff in Covina can help. Not only do we offer quality services to help restore your property, but we also provide you with some assistance in dealing with the mounds of paperwork that your insurance company requires for your claim.

With additional damage from the heat, smoke, and soot the fire produces, it is not hard to understand that you may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the event. SERVPRO technicians go beyond their training to explain our restoration process to you, what steps are needed to perform the repairs correctly and which of our services can assist in returning your kitchen to its pre-fire condition.

Our local staff will treat you with the respect you deserve and work closely with you throughout the fire restoration process. You will enjoy the fast, efficient work of our technicians and how knowledgeable our staff is in assisting you during this entire process.

We provide our technicians with the proper training and equipment to help you with every aspect of your restoration, giving you the ability to settle in and relax after using a single source for all of your fire restoration services.

Contact our offices at SERVPRO of Azusa - Covina today for access to professional, caring services that'll help you get things back to normal. We are available 24/7, including holidays. (626) 387-4111

What Can Prevent Water Damage Restoration at My Azusa Home from Going as Expected?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used to dry hardwood floors Water seep into nooks and crevices. Fortunately, SERVPRO is trained and equipped to completely restore your home.

SERVPRO Evaluates the Loss to Establish Issues That Might Prevent Faster Conclusion or Better Outcomes

Water spills happen all the time, and luckily it is possible to mop up the water quickly in most incidents. However, you might encounter difficulty when dealing with water intrusion at your Azusa home for various reasons. Professional restoration can help you in such situations.

The issues that complicate water damage restoration in your Azusa home range from limited access in affected areas to high volumes of water that might overwhelm your removal efforts. SERVPRO has the resources to overcome those unique challenges.

The Most Useful Resources When Dealing with Water Intrusion Include:

  • Access equipment to reach elevated or concealed areas
  • Cavity extraction and drying equipment
  • Power water extractors and equipment

Proper access to the areas affected by the spilled water is crucial for complete moisture removal. Better access also helps in other ways, including preventing accidents and reducing the damage done to the structure during restoration. 

Various Types of Equipment Help Provide the Necessary Access:

  • Elevated access equipment like ladders or cherry pickers
  • Powered or manual drills and cutting equipment 
  • Lay-flat or reinforced ducts

Elevated access equipment is essential when the leak originates from the roof or the ceiling. In such a case, water is trapped within the ceiling leaving the panels soaked or sagging. Restoration tasks such as drilling or cutting the panels can be more complicated if you have trouble reaching the affected area. That is why a ladder is crucial. Our SERVPRO teams have a variety of ladders, including platform, trestle, and extension ladders.

Water restoration requires the circulation of air around the property. However, air circulation is not an issue in open rooms since setting up air movers and dehumidifiers takes care of the problems. However, the house might have some smaller areas where such equipment cannot fit. Our SERVPRO teams use ducts to supply the air.

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina can help you tackle any challenges that arise during water damage restoration. Call us at (626) 387-4111. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Our Technicians Can Restore Your Azusa Hotel After A Water Damage Incident

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Commercial water damage restoration is a specialty of SERVPRO. Call now for fast and immediate work.

Managing Different Aspects Improves Commercial Water Removal in Azusa Hotel

Water can easily reach unwanted areas in your Azusa hotel, inconveniencing your guests and interrupting your normal operations. Burst plumbing lines or driving rain forcing its way in through spaces in windows or other openings are common ways water can damage your hotel. You can involve professional restorers in the removal because they use their skills to handle various aspects of the restoration better.

Water Removal and Restoration

For successful commercial water removal in Azusa hotels, it is essential to manage the temperature, humidity, and air movement because these aspects determine the drying rate. Thorough extraction of any standing water is also crucial because extracting more water in liquid form minimizes the evaporation efforts needed for drying. Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians understand that physical water extraction is 1200 times more effective, which is why we use a variety of water extraction equipment, including truck-mounted water extractors, for better efficiency.

In a hotel, many materials, including carpets, beddings, towels, and draperies, can absorb and hold water during the spill. While it is possible to remove some of them for drying, it is a huge undertaking, especially if the hotel has many rooms. One way to ensure proper in-place drying is by raising the temperature in the affected areas. Temperature levels around 70° to 90° are optimum since warmer air holds moisture better. Our SERVPRO technicians can use portable heaters where necessary. The dehumidifiers we use also exhaust warm air into the rooms when drying, helping raise the temperature.

Faster drying of floor and wall materials is possible with better airflow. Increasing the rate of air movement improves the evaporation rate, drying the materials faster. Our SERVPRO technicians use air movers to improve air movements. We also change their position from time to time to ensure even drying. We also use moisture meters throughout the drying process to ensure the materials are dry and not just the surface.

For efficient water removal in your Covina or Irwindale area hotel, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina to assist. You can reach us at (626) 387-4111 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Our Specialists Can Help You Handle Fire Damage In Your Covina Home

9/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fire damaged sign Structural fire damage is no DIY project. Let the professionals of SERVPRO handle all the work for you and your family.

Expert Restorers Can Help You Handle the Fire Damage in Your Covina Residence Efficiently

After a structural fire, what usually comes to the mind of property owners is the devastation that the flames cause. However, smoke can also be just as harmful to a house as the blaze. Many of the compounds of smoke are acidic, toxic, or odor-causing.

Smoke and soot residues can cause surfaces like walls, ceilings, and upper cabinets to look blackened and burned. Cleaning up your Covina home after fire damage can be challenging. Smoke residues can attach to soft goods, furniture, and carpeting, among other surfaces, and they can be difficult to remove. Smoke particles travel through ductwork and the open air. They can get far from the areas where the flames affected and settle mostly in cooler areas such as behind draperies and inside building cavities.

Proper fire damage cleanup and restoration is a technical effort that gets more difficult with time, even for professional restorers because smoke’s compounds penetrate more deeply into affected surfaces. One of the things that SERVPRO technicians do during the fire restoration process is to protect individuals from toxins. Our team can set up isolation barriers between ruined and occupied areas, use fans to ventilate the home and wear personal protective gear like goggles, nitrile gloves, respirators, face masks, and full clothing to stay safe. We can take some steps to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition, including:

Physical Cleaning

Our Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRTs) can physically remove smoke residues from hard surfaces using dry or wet cleaning procedures depending on the type of affected surface and the residues present. We can also use specialized alkaline detergents to clean curtains and clothing. If there are smoke residues in finished wood surfaces like chairs, dressers, and tables, our technicians can use wood oil soaps to remove them.

Odor Removal

When materials burn, they produce different odors. It is necessary to use specialized cleaning equipment and strategies to ensure effective removal of the smells. Our SERVPRO team often combines several deodorization techniques to produce the desired results. We can use water-based odor counteractants to neutralize odors.   These products can mix with water instantly in various dilution ratios and applications. We add them to cleaning solutions to control smoke smells and other unpleasant odors. Another process we rely on to remove smells is thermal fogging.

If you are dealing with fire damage in Azusa, Irwindale, or the nearby areas, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111. Our crew can handle the fire and smoke damage and remove odors from your house. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Does Water Mitigation Help Wet Covina Carpets?

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment ready for work, lined up on wall. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size water damage to your property. Call now!

SERVPRO Has an Array of Professional Water Damage Remediation Equipment to Help Covina Property Owners

A carpet with water damage in a Covina home is not automatically in need of replacement. Several factors determine if it indeed has restoration potential, such as:

When SERVPRO handles water mitigation of Covina carpets, the technicians do a careful inspection. Some carpets can shrink when exposed to water and others have dyes that can bleed. The techs perform fiber tests to narrow down the type of construction materials. 

Water Detection Equipment

There are different kinds of devices used during the initial inspection to determine the water's origination point and migration path. The moisture sensor detects moisture in both carpets and padding. The unit has a needle-like probe that penetrates the carpet and can tell the SERVPRO tech if the moisture affected the subfloor underneath. 

When this device comes into contact with moisture, it alerts by displaying a blinking light and an audible signal—the more moisture present results in faster blinking and beeping from the device. 

Handling Water Damage in Carpets

For large-scale water damage in a carpet, the techs extract and set up drying equipment. When only a portion has received the effects of water, SERVPRO techs can use specific drying applications such as floating or tenting to focus drying on a single area. It is not uncommon for the techs to use the moisture meters throughout the drying phase to ensure the carpet and pad are dried completely.

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 serves the Covina community for any water mitigation services needed. The trained and certified techs are available 24/7.

Mold Damage Remediation in Your Covina Home or Business Is Critical

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the walls behind a cabinet Commercial mold damage can literally shut down business. Contact SERVPRO immediately to investigate and remediate the damage.

Why SERVPRO for Mold Damage Remediation

Removing water from a flooded building is often an easy task for restoring a home or office. Clean-up crews need to ensure that excess moisture has been removed from any place that mold might take hold and grow. If they do not rid the structure of all dampness, the resultant contamination can be much more costly than water removal.

Mold remediation standards are determined by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). When it comes to remediating mold damaged Covina homes, four principles provide SERVPRO guidance for every job, no matter how large or small.

Provide for Health and Safety

Since mold spores may cause health effects, our remediation teams do everything possible to protect not just our technicians but also the occupants of the building. This means unique safety practices to limit and expectedly prevent exposure from the mold as it is disturbed during the cleaning process. And stop it from spreading to uninfected areas of the building. This containment technique depends on the circumstances of the infestation.

Document Conditions and Processes

In the beginning, our inspectors record the extent of the mold contamination and the moisture saturation level in the affected area. Once our technicians have finished remediation, our report may be provided to an independent inspector to ensure the building is safe to inhabit. This report disclosure is dependent upon the agreed-upon procedures.

Control the Mold Containment at its Source

Isolate the mold growth and the spores. One of our most important actions is to place negative air pressure machines wherever drywall demolition occurs. This treatment method captures the mold and spores that go airborne and makes removing infected drywall more efficient.

Remove Contamination

When mold grows past the point where the items or building materials can be cleaned, it must be removed. The damaged material is removed in as few pieces as possible to prevent additional exposure or mold spreading. The debris is wrapped and discarded according to codes and regulations. Once that is accomplished, we use commercial vacuums with HEPA filters to remove loose mold and wipe down every surface with anti-fungal and other cleaning products. Air scrubbers may be placed to capture errant mold spores circulation within the structure.

As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina is proud to serve our neighbors. If you believe you may have a mold damage problem, call us today at (626) 387-4111. We're ready to help.

Expert Flood Damage Services Available For Your Irwindale Home

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with water and belongings everywhere Flood damage remediation requires effective water removal equipment. Contact SERVPRO for more information as to how we can help.

SERVPRO Offers Solutions in Irwindale for Flooding Problems

Flooding in your home comes in various forms. Anything from a natural disaster to a broken appliance may cause damages that develop over time if not handled correctly. A quality restoration company can provide you with the services you need to gain control quickly.

Time is a significant factor when dealing with flood damage in your Irwindale home. Taking too long to decide what to do gives water free reign over your entire structure, leading to secondary damages developing or the possibility of contaminations to develop.

SERVPRO has a practical, proven approach to dealing with flood damage situations of all sizes. Our IICRC certified technicians take pride in delivering the services you need to return your property to a quality pre-flood damage condition quickly and efficiently.

Equipment for Flood Damage Restoration

SERVPRO technicians have access to both hand-held, and truck-mounted water extraction equipment that makes removing water from any size area seem easy. Other extraction tools include submersible pumps that remove standing water within a structure over two inches deep.

While the air moving equipment we use may be somewhat noisy, they are essential to our drying process. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to float carpeting by blowing air under the carpet to assist with drying. We can also attach a shroud to an air mover that allows it to push dry air into wall cavities or under cabinets to help remove hidden moisture pockets.

SERVPRO technicians also have experience in using wall cavity ventilation systems and venting box fans for various tasks. Axial fans involve using heavy-duty venting fans to rid an entire room of noxious odors developed during a flood or exchanging indoor air after applying fog deodorizers. A venting fan is more efficient at exchanging air than a centrifugal fan designed for carpet or structural drying.

All air movers require thermally protected motors, inlet, outlet screens, three-pronged plugs for use in GFCI sockets during operation, and a clear venting area for optimum utilization. These high-velocity airflow systems increase the rate of moisture evaporation by removing moist air next to a wet surface and replacing it with drier air. Still, they should not be confused with a dehumidifier.

Call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina today for help with restoring your home after being affected by floodwaters. (626) 387-4111

How Does Smoke Damage Covina Homes?

8/8/2021 (Permalink)

smoke against a black backdrop Smoke can spread quickly throughout. Contact Team SERVPRO for effective fire damage remediation that includes dealing with smoke residues.

Smoke Can Require Multiple Cleaning Steps to Restore Covina Homes After a Fire

With how quickly a fire can spread and overwhelm materials and contents, the decomposition of these elements can be disastrous to properties and the families that reside in them. With our fast response to fire loss emergencies, we can begin mitigation to protect the property from greater destruction by soot or smoke damage.

How Can Smoke Become a Threat to the House?

Because of the severity of smoke when fire damage in Covina homes exists, immediate cleaning and mitigation strategies are necessary. Smoke can be a threatening presence in a property. These residues and particles are created as materials decompose during the combustion process. The combination of gas, solids, and aerosols makes the volatile smoke that can deposit soils on encountered surfaces and products. Even though gases are not as considerable of a concern after the fire gets extinguished, circulating soot particles can cause health effects without appropriate containment and HEPA air scrubbing/filtration.

How Can Smoke Residues Get Cleaned from Ceiling and Drywall Materials?

When dry or wet smoke damage impacts materials like drywall and ceiling tiles, there are specific approaches to remove it. Understanding the best method for the situation often relies on the experience of administrators in our ranks like the production manager. Our team leaders walk through the property to initially inspect the grounds and identify structural concerns or areas where focused smoke damage removal would be needed. Some of the approaches for this include:

Smoke and soot damage are considerable obstacles to restoring a home or business after a fire. With leading professionals experienced in the cleaning and recovery of fire-damaged residences, our SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina team can help. We are ready 24/7 at (626) 387-4111.

What Is Restoration and What Can It Do for Water Damage in Covina Businesses?

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

standing water on office floor The first step in water damage restoration is removing the water. SERVPRO is available 24/7 for your water damage restoration needs.

Don't Let Water Damage Impact Your Commercial Enterprise

If you’re dealing with a significant commercial water damage incident, you may be feeling a little pessimistic about how much of your business can be saved. Breakdowns and failures like a burst pipe or a faulty restroom are quite common, but they can cause all kinds of damage. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize the severity of the situation and rescue as much of the affected area as possible.

Restoring commercial water damage in Covina businesses is no easy feat. Still, it can be achieved with the help of SERVPRO. Our expert team is highly experienced in dealing with flooding of all shapes and sizes. They can be onsite fast to start water extraction quickly and reverse the destruction caused by standing water.

This quick guide to the restoration process will help you learn all about what the technicians at SERVPRO can do for you.

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

The term ‘restoration’ is a simple one to define, but it involves a wide variety of different methods and techniques. Essentially, it is the job of putting a business back together after a flood or other water-related incident. Some classic examples include broken pipes, fire sprinkler systems gone awry, cracked gutters or failed flat roof pooling containment, overloaded appliances, and faulty faucets and boilers.

A team of restoration professionals is called out to the damaged site – in this case, your business – and they use a selection of industrial-strength tools to remove the water. The array of water pumps can vary from a handheld portable wet vac to sump pumps to large truck-mounted equipment. After water removal, our SERVPRO technicians can start taking steps to salvage as many items as possible.

Why Is a Speedy Restoration Important?

Getting the restoration process started quickly is important for some reasons. The longer that your employees cannot work from the affected area, the more money you’ll lose. It can also be a health hazard to leave the water to sit and stagnate and degrade into contaminated Black Water.

Consider that SERVPRO works with over 315 management companies, municipal and federal entities, and many insurance companies to expedite time and save you money. 

There is also a great risk to the structural integrity of the building, as moisture creates mold that slowly destroys organic materials like wood, drywall, or even fabrics in a boutique. We understand that nobody wants to have to call a water damage restoration team. If you do, it means that something has gone wrong.

Most commercial water damage is not permanent. With the help of SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina, you can get restoration started as soon as the problem becomes apparent. Our experts are highly trained and can assess the building for dangers so that you don’t have to put yourself at risk. Call us 24/7 at (626) 387-4111.