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We Act Fast In Covina When You Are Facing Flood Damage

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Shelves in our warehouse stacked with LGR dehumidifiers and air movers ready for any size job We have state of the art LGR dehumidifiers and double stacked air movers ready to handle any size flood damage job.

How We Prepare Immediately for Covina Home Flooding

While you might have heard the slogan that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, our commitment to this statement can help your Covina home during an emergency. With so many potential reasons that flooding could occur in your home, we have to get the facts straighter before we dispatch the right personnel and equipment to your address. The way that our SERVPRO team prepares can help get boots on the ground more quickly to your home, and ensure that when we arrive, that the right steps get taken immediately to help.

When you first reach out to our emergency response line that we staff 24/7, you can answer questions about the severity of the damage to your home and if flood removal for your Covina home is necessary. With the answers you provide, and any additional commentary, our crew chief and production manager can work with this information to divulge the right equipment and approaches to overcome the pressing concerns at the site. This initial communication with our team is known to us as the First Notice of Loss (FNOL.)

By reading over the information collected in the FNOL, our flood damage restoration specialists, as well as our in-house general contractors, can have a better understanding of the work to get performed upon arrival. It is our commitment as an emergency service provider to reach a damaged home within 4 hours of this initial contact with our customer, regardless of when this call gets received. In flooding scenarios, every second counts. Our prompt arrival increases the chance of stopping further damage and provides peace of mind to our customers and their respective insurance providers

No matter what time of the day or night flooding damages can occur, you can count on the full measure of restoration professionals and reconstruction specialists to arrive within hours to help. We have dedicated crew chiefs capable of managing the information you provide in your FNOL to get technicians, the right equipment, and the appropriate accessories on the way quickly. Give our SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina team a call anytime you need us at (626) 387-4111.

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How Our Water Removal Services Protect a Family and Their Property in Covina

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

Upset Young Man Sitting On Sofa In The Living Room Flooded With Water No matter the cause SERVPRO can help you remove water damage from you home.

SERVPRO has various tools and methods to remove water from your home

Water can end up inside a residence in Covina because of many different situations. A tree might open up an area in the roof and let rain into the attic. A hose might slip off from behind the washing machine. The water heater might rust out on its underside. Many other kinds of accidents happen on a regular frequency to homes everywhere. 

When a disaster strikes a home in Covina, water removal services can protect the interior and its contents from devastating damage. Water can bring about ever-expanding damage that changes not only structures, but also affects your personal belongings, furnishings, and even the safety of your house. Water removal services from SERVPRO are designed to stop the spreading water and start the drying process.

Water removal also helps with reducing the ability of substances creating odors in your house. Many of the odors associated with damp conditions come from both deteriorating materials and increased microbial activity. Removing the water that activates microbes, leading them to begin rapidly reproducing, helps control them and the damage they create. Soils trapped in your flooring are also capable of giving off odors when left damp for too long. 

The IICRC trained technicians at SERVPRO do not rely on the presence of odors to know we need to locate and measure water. Our moisture meters tell us how high the moisture content is in any item we test, and our imaging cameras show the areas with excessive dampness. Being able to concentrate on these particular areas means we can also continuously monitor these places to ensure they become adequately dry on schedule. 

When damp materials and contents become dry, the damage slows down enough that we can begin restoring things. Furniture, for instance, requires tenting of cushions to allow air to circulate around them. A soft but sturdy brush renews the pile on upholstery and removes topical soils, including mold that might have flourished. Wood components quit swelling when dry again, and our building department can help with restoring these when needed. The same approach works well for carpets saturated with clean water. 

Removing the water and circulating the air within your residence helps dry out personal belongings, also. For large-size events, we often box up and bag items for drying at our facility. We can also build drying chambers at your house if space permits. Doing this keeps your items available to you, but we do ask that the chamber remain sealed to achieve optimal results.

The wiring in your home can sustain severe damage wherever water encroaches into wiring, sockets, or switch plates. After removing saturated drywall and other materials, our building specialists can test the electrical system, so any risks get taken care of before anyone in your family experiences a shock. Fire also becomes a hazard when wires become corroded. 

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina wants to help with water removal services, starting the restoration process needed after a disaster strikes. Call (626) 387-4111 for the fastest service.

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Our Technicians Discuss Steps For Handling Your Flood Damaged Home In Azusa

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in home after a storm Call us any time any day at (626) 387-4111.

Steps for Handling Flood Damage in Your Azusa Residence Safely

The climate in Azusa is temperate and warm, and the average annual rainfall is 470mm. Therefore, flooding incidents may not occur often. However, heavy rain can cause flooding in low lying areas. When flooding occurs, you should act diligently and quickly to safeguard your property and possessions from extensive damage.

To deal with flood damage in your Azusa residence, you should take several steps. You can enter your home if it is safe to do so. Watch every step because you can easily slip and fall. Be careful around electrical equipment and gas lines. Avoid using electrical appliances to avoid short-circuiting incidents. Some things you can do to limit costly damage to your possessions include:

    •    Remove furniture and other movable items from the flooded house. You can salvage these items if they have not soaked in a lot of water.
    •    Move valuables, pets, cars and essential documents to safety.
    •    Use a shop vac to extract the water.
    •    Open the windows and doors to let fresh air enter the house.
    •    Buy or borrow a dehumidifier and place it in the area that was flooded to remove excess moisture from the air.

Cleaning up and repairing a flood-damaged home is exhausting and usually requires advanced equipment and a team of experienced professionals. You can let SERVPRO help you restore your home to its normal condition. Our certified crew can handle the restoration process efficiently.

Dealing with flood damage and preventing further harm is more involved than you may think. For instance, there are sanitation concerns. The floodwater in your property could have viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Furthermore, water can seep under floors or migrate upwards in walls within minutes. It can penetrate so deeply that it can take several weeks for it to evaporate under natural conditions. During that time, the moisture could cause wood to warp, swell or crack or drywall to deteriorate.

Our technicians can use powerful water extraction equipment such as the Kleenrite Mega 4 Flood Removal unit to remove the water. The Mega 4 provides the power of a truck-mounted pump in a portable flood removal unit. Our crew can also locate the areas of your home where water has intruded and determine if the structures and contents have absorbed lots of moisture. Moisture detection equipment like the Flir BR200 Video Boroscope Wireless Inspection Camera enables our technicians to capture pictures in hard-to-see locations. Our SERVPRO crew can remove moisture from deep within the structures and contents of your home using air movers and dehumidifiers. Besides water damage repair, we also offer disinfecting and odor neutralization services.

When dealing with flood damage, you need fast and effective professional help. SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina can help you remove the floodwater and clean up your home. Call us any time any day at (626) 387-4111.

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Some Ways to Avoid Water Damage in Covina

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged flooring and stained wall Water damage can happen quickly. Be just as fast to react by contacting Team SERVPRO for water damage remediation services right away.

Experience and Training of Our Water Restorers for Covina Homes

We understand how stressful and traumatic water loss incidents can be in a Covina home, and that is why so many of our staff have taken the time and effort to gain their certification as Water Restoration Technicians (WRT), many with additional endorsements in Applied Structural Drying (ASD.) This experience and education have produced a skilled team of professionals capable of assessing damage quickly and applying the appropriate response to minimize loss and get your property back to preloss condition as promptly as possible.

While there are restoration companies to choose from in the area, few have the experience and training available to our SERVPRO technicians to address water damage in Covina homes. We have worked closely with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to develop our professionals into the best possible assets for emergencies. The curriculum of coursework at this institution sets the bar of quality standards for the restoration industry.

Because so many of our team have taken the provided opportunities to obtain WRT certification through the IICRC, we are more prepared than you might think for even widespread disasters that can affect several thousand square feet simultaneously. Large loss scenarios are not uncommon, especially with appliance and plumbing failures, and they can migrate quickly to affect many areas of a damaged home.

Hands-on training is something that you cannot replicate with coursework and continued education in our facility. Each experience presents something new for our technicians and staff that makes them more attuned to disasters and more aware of the best responses when every moment counts. Each project that the team works on provides our entire SERVPRO brand with a clearer image of what our customers expect and how to obtain that.

As premier restoration professionals in the region, we have built a reputation that hinges on the satisfaction of our customers after our water restoration efforts complete. We have efficient drying and extraction tools to make the process fast and cost-effective. Give our SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina team a call today at (626) 387-4111.

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The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Fire Damage in Covina

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

home that had fire damage After fire damage strikes your home call SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

Fire Damage Professionals In Covina Talk About Refinishing Charred Materials

When something burns inside your Covina home, the flames can spread, and the heat created can ruin your building materials and contents. Many types of fire damage exist in the form of partially burnt items. In some situations, objects inside your house get burnt so badly that the have to be removed and replaced. In other cases, many of the burnt and charred items can get refinished and saved from being removed and replaced.

The first step to saving burnt or charred items by refinishing during a fire damage situation in Covina is to remove the burnt materials. When dealing with wooden items, the general rule is that if the charring goes into the material deeper than a quarter-inch, then the object must be replaced. However, if the charred material is less than a quarter inch deep into the item, then we can remove the soot and refinish the item. Refinishing your building materials and contents can be much cheaper than having to replace everything that got burnt. Therefore, our SERVPRO technicians always strive towards cleaning and refinishing items to help save you and your insurance company money.

Sometimes, the best way to remove charred materials is to use a brush or sander to agitate the burnt surface. When using hand sanders, our SERVPRO crew then uses a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter to vacuum up all of the soot so that it does not soil any other previously unaffected area. But, sometimes the burnt area is large, and sanding and brushing methods can become too time-consuming.

In cases where we are dealing with large areas, more abrasive blasting methods can help us save time and money. Two methods often used to help restore burnt items are soda blasting and dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting uses carbon dioxide pellets that change from a solid to a gas as soon as they contact the affected surface. This rapid change in chemical states causes a miniature explosion when the volume instantly expands by 800 times. Soda blasting uses baking soda as its blasting medium. The baking soda getting blasted onto affected surfaces removes soot by agitation, and the baking soda particles also react with odor-causing soot particles and help neutralize them.

The more items you can save after a disaster, the better off you will be. If you call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at, (626) 387-4111 because we can help you find the cheapest methods to restore your home to its preloss state "Like it never even happened."

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Professional Flood Damage Cleanup & Restoration In Irwindale

10/20/2019 (Permalink)

A living room with standing water damage. We as a restoration company know how important getting your Irwindale home cleaned after a flood damage.

Let SERVPRO handle your flood damaged Irwindale home.

It might be rare to face floods in Irwindale. However, the threat remains real and often leaves lasting effects long after the event itself ends. As a homeowner, you need to keep in mind that a flood can bring many hazards along with it, that you are not capable of handling. It takes a trained professional to recognize all of the problems that may exist.

Depending on the type of flood damage that occurs in your Irwindale home, floodwaters can contain dirt, debris, and harmful pathogens. Any water that passes through or overland can transport debris over vast distances — bringing with it disease-causing pathogens that infect individuals who come into contact with affected materials without the proper protection. 

SERVPRO has all of the personnel, equipment, and resources necessary to address flood damage in and around your home. With that in mind, all of our restoration technicians use a variety of personal protective equipment, including boots, masks, gloves, and full-body suits wherever necessary. It is our goal to both protect ourselves and prevent secondary contamination while working to restore your property to a quality preloss condition. 

SERVPRO’s flood damage restoration technicians can help you identify existing problems and avoid exposure after a flood. Our specialists evaluate the threat level in your home and make quality recommendations that provide solutions to your unique situation. Whether your toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, or dishwasher overflowed, a pipe burst, washing machine malfunctioned, or your hot water tank broke, we can help. 

SERVPRO has teams of expertly trained cleaning and restoration specialists available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, to help limit any losses you might experience. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Technicians (IICRC), water removal, drying, and deodorization services are all designed to adjust to fit your specific situation. We have years of experience helping homeowners recover after a flood and use everything at our disposal to ensure you receive the results you deserve.

Contact SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina any time, day or night for access to skilled restoration professionals determined to provide you with quality solutions you can trust. We can help make your flooding incident disappear, “Like it never even happened.” and work hard to meet or even exceed your expectations. (626) 387-4111

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Extraction Tools Used For Commercial Water Removal In Covina

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Three women talking to one another in a store. Covina business owners, don't fear we will be there for your water damage.

We have the tools that do it all for your Covina water damage.

Sometimes mishaps take place and one day you can get cursed with bad luck when you suffer from an overnight plumbing failure in your Covina furniture store. If you ever walk into your store in the morning and realize that moisture has been pouring into the interior of your building all night, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO to conduct commercial water removal.

Once your contents and building materials start to get wet, they can quickly become damaged if the moisture is not promptly removed. The first step to commercial water removal in your Covina furniture sales store is to extract as much liquid H2O as possible. Moisture is easier to remove while it is in the liquid form before it soaks into your structural components and evaporates into the air. To complete a successful extraction process, our SERVPRO technicians know that using the right extraction tool for the job is vital.

The best way to remove water is to utilize a heavy-duty truck-mounted extractor. An extraction tool then gets attached to the extractor vacuum hose for the device to be applied to the wet surfaces. For situations where the amount of water is minimal, light, hand-held wands can be used to extract moisture from damp carpet.

During the more difficult situations, deep extraction tools can be implemented. One type of deep extraction tool is a self-propelled extraction device. These units have an independent motor that moves over the carpet at a consistent rate. These tools use the weight of the operator to compress the carpet so that the vacuum pulls out as much water as possible.

Another commonly used deep extraction machine is a stationary tool. Stationary tools also use the weight of the operator to compress the carpet. These, however, get used one section at a time. The operator stands on the device for ten to fifteen seconds and then moves on to the next section.

If your furniture store in Irwindale ever gets flooded out by a plumbing failure, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111. We are available 24/7, and the word on the street is that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Can Restore Your Water Damaged Carpet In Covina

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water Soaked Carpet Pad All you need to do is call (626) 387-4111 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Protect Your Carpet By Calling The Specialists After Water Damage In Covina

Some prefer renting to owning a home, and a reason for doing this is the need for upkeep of the property.  All owners can attest to the fact that repairs pop up continuously, requiring attention and resources to resolve them.  Not surprisingly, plumbing issues can arise at any point, including a broken water heater that leaks all over your carpet.  Once you discover the water damage, it is hard to determine whether you can fix the issue on your own or if you need to call a specialist.  Reaching out to a professional team tends to be quicker and less disruptive than tackling the issue yourself.

If this sounds like your experience with your home in Covina, leave the water damage restoration to our SERVPRO team.  Our skilled technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to handle situations like yours.  Just call our 24/7 number so our Green Fleet can travel to your home and lend a helping hand, regardless of the size of the damage.

When our water restoration technicians (WRT) assess the damage to your carpet, they also consider their options in the drying process.  Even though some equipment such as dehumidifiers and water extractors are clear choices, understanding how they work is essential to optimal results.

Close monitoring of temperature and air moisture keeps our SERVPRO crew informed of the progress.  Occasionally, the best outcome is possible by floating your carpet or allowing hot air to flow underneath it.  This specialized technique is hard to achieve for the average consumer, who can inadvertently stretch the carpet or compromise its integrity.  Our team can help by coordinating available tools and techniques to reach the goal.

Do not let the burden of drying your home fall entirely on you.  Let our experts at SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina do their best by allowing them into your home.  Our expertise in planning, executing, and monitoring the results of a successful drying job is for your benefit.  All you need to do is call (626) 387-4111 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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We Are The Leader At Providing Irwindale Fire Damage Restoration Services

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen covered in smoke and soot damage after a fire We will arrive quickly and begin the restoration process so your home life can go back to normal after a fire.

Damage Assessment and Insurance Claims After Irwindale Fires

Many Irwindale homeowners can concede that fire loss incidents present too many effects and symptoms that they have gotten ill-equipped to handle. With these same property owners seeking the experience and fast response of professionals like our SERVPRO team, you should take a moment to appreciate the relationships between restorers and the home insurance companies providing coverage for your property. Our team has a close working relationship with area providers so that we can expedite claims processes and get your home back to preloss condition as promptly as possible.

With the higher volume of hazardous fire damage effects to Irwindale homes, addressing these conditions must happen right away. Because many of the insurance providers that we work with want to have a professional opinion on the damage and documentation to support the claim getting filed, we encourage potential customers to reach out to our team before they even contact their insurance company about the loss incident. We can mobilize our SERVPRO management and estimator to arrive and begin our thorough assessment and cataloging of the present damage for the needed evidence in your insurance claim.

Fire damage claims are never guaranteed, though as a trusted name in the restoration field in California, we can help our customers to find the satisfactory result they need. Damage assessment is a crucial part of that equation, as this helps to spell out the full measure of the work that must occur, the personnel required to accomplish it, and a general expected cost of this restoration. Our commitment to providing this information quickly can help to reduce the red tape and waiting when handling matters with the insurance.

We can work alongside your insurance adjuster to meet the demands of both our customers and their providers. We have sophisticated and advanced tools that can help to quickly reduce damaging hazards in properties and reduce continued damage of the house should there be an unexpected delay in the green light to begin working.

We strive to provide unparalleled service when fire loss incidents occur because we know how stressful and overwhelming these circumstances can be for our customers. No matter when disasters strike, you can count on our SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina team to help. Call us today at (626) 387-4111.

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Hire Out or DIY? How to Determine if Your Covina Home Needs Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying mat on hardwood floor We have the tools and equipment to thoroughly dry your home.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Do DIY Water Removal in Your Covina Home 

There is a correct time and place for DIY cleanup of water damage in your home. Water emergencies often happen without warning such as a supply line hose to a washing machine failing or a leak within a wall you had zero knowledge of until it dripped through the ceiling.

There are five essential questions to ask about the water removal needs in your Covina home to determine if you need a professional restoration services company.  

How much water is there?

The amount of water in the home is a crucial factor. While you are emptying your home wet/dry vac for the tenth time, the water in your home continues to migrate on the floors and become absorbed into the carpeting. When the damage is on an upper floor in your home, it is finding its way into the lower levels via the floor joists and ceiling. SERVPRO technicians have multiple portable pumps for fast water extraction in several areas of the home at once. 

What type of water needs removal?

In the first 24 hours after a water spill, it is considered "clean" with little to no danger of bacteria or contaminants. If the water in your home has the potential to contain sewage or has sat in the open for over 24 hours, it becomes safe to handle, and you need professional water removal.  

Do I have the right equipment?

If you are going into battle against a water spill and your tools are a mop and wet/dry vac, the outcome may not be what you envision. Water migrates swiftly following the path of least resistance and gets into subflooring quickly. SERVPRO technicians have specialized equipment to extract water from all kinds of surfaces and furnishings. 

Is there a danger of mold?

Did you know mold only requires warmth, moisture, and food such as sheetrock, paper or wood to flourish? If you leave moisture behind during a DIY water cleanup and the ambient temperature is over 70F-degrees, you could potentially have a costly mold infestation issue in the future.  

Can I eliminate the water odor?

That familiar musty odor that remains means there is still an excess of moisture somewhere in your home. SERVPRO technicians possess a diverse array of moisture detection equipment to ascertain the exact location of all water, whether it is visible on the surface or not along with professional-level odor control applications. 

When your home needs water removal, contact SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111. The experienced, certified technicians are available 24/7 to make the water damage in your home "Like it never even happened."

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